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The test season is here and the temperature has risen, quite literally! Students have replaced their gadgets with books, pens and paper and are burning midnight oil.

Recently CBSE released a mock CBSE MCQs 2021 Exam Question Paper Schools to download so that their students can practice according to the latest guidelines.


CBSE Term 1 Exam 2021 The minor issues started on Wednesday 17th November and will continue till 7th December and the major issues will start on 30th November and will continue till 11th December.

Although much has changed since we were taught and sat for the board exams, there are still many things that haven’t happened, and that is … the students get upset just before the exams and struggle to find a final strategy to score full in the first term of the board exams Marx has a reason.

  • The revision is still to be done
  • FOMO in chapters that your friend may cover but you have skipped
  • Anxiety about forgetting all the clues you’ve learned.

Yes, the list goes on and on but you can score your full number CBSE Term 1 Exam, You need to have a skillful and strong strategy that will help you achieve your academic excellence and will not make you tired.


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Don’t worry, as we were once students, and in this article, we’ve shared a few CBSE Term I Board Exam Preparation Tips What we have learned in our lives so that you can pass your test with confidence!


5 tips to prepare for board exams:

1. Self-assess your strengths and weaknesses

You must first understand what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. This may seem like a very simple thing, but it makes a huge difference. Analyze what you are good at and what you need to pay special attention to.


Suppose you can solve 20 math equations in 5 minutes but MCQ requires time to solve physics theories, then spend more time preparing for physics and solving relevant sample papers.

Solve many CBSE MCQ objective questions and sample papers to be confident.


2. Plan proper time management

Often, as students, we complain that the authorities do not give us extra time, but in fact, blame our stars! We can’t blame anyone if we don’t manage our time well. Time is precious and it is clearly felt in the test. Every second counts, so manage your time properly.

Take the mock test as much as possible and be truthful with yourself. Track how much time you spend on a specific question or topic? If you think you are spending too much, you must keep an eye on it and improve it.



3. Practice with perseverance but take a break

The one thing we are all to blame for is making schedules but not sticking to them consistently. The problem here is that our schedule is not realistic. If you study for 10 hours straight one day and only 5 hours the next day, then this is not a fruitful strategy to succeed in your exam.


Whatever your goal, be sure to maintain consistency. Never rush. Understand the basics and the basics properly. Divide your study time into hours and never study for 10 hours. Take a break when solving term I of your sample paper for CBSE board and use Pomodoro technique.

4. Mental health and focus priorities

Test stress and fatigue are real things and should not be ignored. As important as it is to keep pace with your body, be sure to take care of your mind. Practice mindfulness meditation and concentration techniques to help you stay hyper-focused, drink 3-4 liters of water and go for a walk.


Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t compare yourself to friends; Trust your process and trust yourself.


5. Trust your academic friend


When you’ve done all of the above, it’s time to make friends with your academic friend, the book!

At Oswal Publishers, we believe that practice is the key to excellence, so we recommend that you use it. Sample papers of CBSE Board And test your knowledge with CBSE Class 10th Class Oswal – Gurukul Final Revision Book for the exam on 1st November 2021. An OMR sheet is included at the end of each paper to measure your performance through self-assessment. The Assessment Paper Term I for CBSE Board Visually interesting to help you remember faster during the test.

For ICSE students, the final revision of ICSE Class 10 Semester I exam 2021 has new type MCQ and it will help you to strengthen your revision.


This is updated according to the latest sample MCQ for Term I. And Purposeful MCQs for Semester 1.

Evaluate yourself with self-assessment papers for CBSE board


Students, go and test yourself with flying colors. Be sure to solve this practice paper carefully for CBSE boards. We believe in you!

Disclaimer: Content produced by Oswal Publishers

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