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New Delhi: The Central Board for Secondary Education Term 1 examinations will begin on Tuesday for Class XII and on Wednesday for Class X.

Schools have provided photocopy machines, taking care to stock extra ink cartridges and papers as they have to print the optical mark recognition (OMR) answer sheets and do not want to get caught in any difficulty.



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AK Jha, principal of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Rohini’s Sector 8, government assistant secretary, has set up an additional photocopier. He said, “For now, my school is scheduled to have exams on Wednesday. It’s on a small subject, so we don’t expect any problems. We may face difficulties if we test important subjects like English and Hindi. ”


Like private school students, public school students will take exams at other examination centers, not at their own school. Sunil Kumar Jun, an English teacher at Ghitorni Government Boys Senior Secondary School, said, “Our school is not an examination center, but a girls’ school nearby.”

At another government school in Madanpur Khadar on Monday, authorities tested the speed of the internet, which was recently extended to schools after hybrid teaching and learning, including online and physical lessons.

On Monday, CBSE organized a mock drill for schools to print OMR sheets and question papers. The Term 1 exam will have multiple choice questions and students will mark their answers on the OMR sheet. Tania Yoshi, principal of The Indian School, said: “Conducting mock drills has been helpful because we have learned how to print widely Each school’s email ID has been submitted to the Board of Education and this is how we get the link to download the OMR sheet. ”


Question papers will be provided in an encrypted mode for all examinations conducted from 16th to 29th November and again from 26th December onwards. The school will be able to download the question papers forty-five minutes before the day’s examination. The test will start at 11.30 am instead of the regular 10.30 am.

Students from 26,000 schools approved by CBSE in India and 26 schools abroad will appear for the exam. Since examinations will be conducted in schools, the board has appointed observers at each examination center to maintain the sanctity of the examination process. There will be one observer for 500 examinees and two for more than 500 students. City Coordinators are responsible for appointing observers at the examination centers.

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