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After much waiting, CBSE has finally released the sample papers of Class 10 and Class 12 for the 2021-22 Term 1 Board Examination on 2nd September 2021 through Notification No. Acad-75/202.

Students and teachers can easily download sample papers and marking scheme solutions on all major topics From this link here. These sample papers provided a lot of clarity about which method they should now adopt for the November-December Term 1 MCQ-based board exam for students and teachers.


However, there is a big problem with the sample paper published by CBSE, which has caused widespread confusion. In the specific subject of the Class 10 and 12 sample papers, the CBSE Term 1 exam provided more questions than expected (even after including the choices), assuming a normal 1m MCQ as in the past in the objective section. Below is a sample paper of some of the Term 1 subjects where we found such confusion:

mediawire_image_0Inconsistency of total marks in specific subjects (Class 10 and 12 Term 1 CBSE sample paper)

Whereas the CBSE in its notification dated 22nd July 2021- 53/2021 explicitly declared that both Term 1 and Term 2 would be number 40; These published sample papers can be confusing for students and teachers.

In many cases, it is clearly written in the instructions that all the questions carry the same number of weights so it is unlikely that different sections will have different numbers in the MCQ as well.



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What does this mean for teachers and students?

After reviewing these sample papers, CBSE experts suggest that there are three possibilities in this scenario:


  1. In Term 1 Board Examination, CBSE may allocate 0.7 – 0.8 marks per MCQ (40/45 or 40/50) for the above subjects and may allocate 1 MCQ per Mm for the remaining subjects to maintain the overall 40 marks paper.
  2. The CBSE may provide an update or explanation to correct this problem.
  3. CBSE may maintain 1m MCQ weightage and may change Term 1 and Term 2 marks breakdown for these subjects, i.e. Term 1 may have more weightage than Term 2. Again, they will have to give an explanation for this soon.

Either way, the CBSE may soon provide an update through frequently asked questions but until then we can say that the pattern of the upcoming Term 1 exam paper has now been sealed and finalized. We should not expect any change in the pattern of any kind of paper.

Now another big update has been given! CBSE has introduced some interesting new types of questions on various topics with the concept of 1 Mark Case Study MCQ, as you can see below:


mediawire_image_0Individual case / source / qualification based MCQs

It also introduces assimilation / causation, labeling and diagram-based MCQs on many topics that have not been commonly asked about so far. Thus, to assist students in the preparation of such sample paper-based MCQs, a study material book is recommended in a circular.

mediawire_image_0CBSE Term 1 Book Recommendation Circular for New MCQ Types Based on Sample Paper

Since CBSE provides only 1 sample paper for the practice of this new and standardized MCQ, it is advisable to use a study material book for 10th and 12th grade students for further practice till November.

We have looked at these books and they have actually included all these new pattern 1m case-study questions and all the other MCQ types that have only been introduced in the CBSE sample paper for all subjects in CBSE Class 10 and 12. Each chapter of the books already has more than 80-100 MCQs in Biology, SST, Physics, Science and Mathematics as introduced in CBSE SQP where comparison table MCQs, labeling MCQs, case-based MCQs and diagram based MCQs are given.

Below are the links to the recommended Educart Study Material book in the above circular (based on the 1st term CBSE sample paper dated 2nd September 2021) for ease of access.


Class 10: Term 1 Study Material Book

Class 12: Term 1 and 2 Study Material Book

Finally, conversations with some CBSE experts revealed that CBSE is taking this published sample paper as a basis for preparing this Term 1 board paper. Therefore, it is strongly recommended by the CBSE to concentrate on NCERT to complete the preparations in time. And more importantly read the Educart books above for all new typology practice for the November-December 2021 Term 1 exam.


If you are looking for latest 2021-22 Class 10 and Class 12 sample paper PDFs, click This link And download all subject sample paper for free.

Disclaimer: Content produced by Educate Publications

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