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Nagpur: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is sending online question papers for its ongoing Term-1 board exams, after which schools download, print and distribute them within a specified time frame. But with the big tests starting next week, schools now have to prepare for the logistical challenge of printing hundreds of copies in a limited amount of time.

As reported before TOI, CBSE is conducting board examinations in two phases for the 2021-22 academic year. The first phase, called Term-1, is currently underway and so far only secondary (optional) subjects have been tested.



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A CBSE principal said, “Once the big papers start, the number of printouts will be much higher. Since we have to do this one hour before the test, we can’t afford any technical problems with the printer or the power supply. ” For example, the current student load of 40 to 50 students will go up to about 400 when the main exam starts. Although the number of candidates will vary from center to center, there is no denying that the number increases manifold as the big test begins.


The CBSE tested the system with mock drills and found no major problems, at least in Maharashtra. A senior CBSE principal said, “No one has said yet that this cannot be done. Each school has equipped itself with a test center, high speed printer and power backup system. Some have called on the printing company to send technicians to the school on standby, although I think it’s going to be a bit more. ”

Another principal said, “Papers have to be downloaded from the online portal created for examination management at a certain time every day before the examination starts. The paper can be downloaded after entering the key (code) created at that moment. Throughout the process, neutral observers are present to ensure that the process goes smoothly. ” Once downloaded, the question paper should be printed according to the number of students present.

A CBSE school teacher says if the online question paper distribution system becomes a norm, the big logistical burden will be removed. “First, the physical question papers have to be stored in the custodian bank. Then there was the challenge of transporting the same to the centers in rural areas. That huge rehearsal held across the country will now be dropped, thanks to the online questionnaire, ”he said.


Same day assessment

The current Term-1 exam answer sheets are OMR-based, and a strategy used by CBSE will show quick results. Schools are evaluating OMR sheets and uploading marks on the same day. “Phantom OMR sheets will still be mailed, but one-day assessments will save a lot of time,” said one teacher.

“I have not discussed in detail, but it is clear that by the time the physical OMR sheets reach CBSE, the marks have already been uploaded. The OMR scan will then be cross-checked in one way only, so the results will come very quickly, ”said the teacher.

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