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CBSE 2021 Sample Paper Delayed, Study Plan Provided Instead

Now that CBSE has provided the date of the exam for the students of the previous academic year (2020-21), they are bound to prepare for this exam. However, our sources informed us that the CBSE announcement for uploading the much awaited CBSE sample papers in 10th term for 10th and 12th class students has been delayed. Now it is expected that CBSE sample paper for term 1 will be uploaded on them The website is in the last week of August.

Because of this delay, students and teachers in CBSE Class 10, 12 are concerned about how they can adapt to this term-based preparation as many schools are still focusing on completing a fully rational curriculum, including objective + thematic periodic examinations, and even coverage. Includes some of the Term 2 chapters. This is to not break the flow of their education.


To compensate for the absence and delay of the CBSE sample paper, a special study plan was announced yesterday. This plan has been specially made so that they can complete their studies in time for the November-December board exams. Many teachers have already welcomed the plan and are adapting it for the rest of their Term 1 preparation.

Also, a Term 1 MCQ / Objective Book for Term 1 is suggested to help students with MCQ’s strict new pattern, which is currently the best-selling on Amazon.

Our team has studied it in detail and provided a simplified division for all teachers, students and parents so please read to the end!


1. Term 1 Study Timeline


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According to this CBSE plan, regardless of the date of announcement of the sample paper, it is recommended to complete the Term 1 Syllabus (minimum) between 25 September 2021 (40 days from now) and Term 1 Revision within the next 40 days (until 5 November)).


mediawire_image_0Deadlines are recommended for both Class 10 and 12

CBSE experts say that after normal daily online classes and assignments, students usually have limited hours of self-study left on a daily basis.

So, they need:

  • Form their self-study and try to include the Term 1 syllabus at their own pace by the latest September 25th.
  • This only needs to be done using NCERT books and a purpose chapter-based Question Bank It is specifically designed for the new pattern for the preparation of Term 1 MCQ (more on this is stated in point 3 below).
  • From the end of September to the first week of November (80 days), the focus should be on final revision using sample papers and reverse study of weak points after each sample paper attempted.

The process of completing the syllabus is explained using a new concept called ‘Student Study Hours’.

2. Student study hours

Just as professionals work in strict ‘business work hours’, students also need to have their own ‘study time’ because their productivity time is limited.


CBSE experts have come up with a definite idea ‘x hours to be spent on certain topics every day to ensure that the subject chapters of Term 1 are last completed by 25th September. Whether for class 10 or 12.

mediawire_image_0 Tenth grade students take a break during their studies

The idea is to self-study every 2 hours of 10th grade daily core subjects (Mathematics, Science and SST), a total of 6 hours. Since there are many chapters on those subjects in a two hour English or social science rotation.


Overall 6 hours of self-study should be sufficient to maintain productivity (test / internal assessment assignment in addition to online class).

Similarly for 12th grade, daily self-study times will be 8 hours according to the following science stream division.

mediawire_image_0Class 12, students break study time for science flow

For the CBSE Class 12 Commerce stream, there will be an 8-hour break between Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy and English.


3. Division of study material and topics

The most important thing here is the proper use of study materials. In addition to Zoom Slides, Rough Notes and NCERT, a book that CBSE experts recommend to cover all Term 1 Assessment Reasons, MCQs and Case / Source / Qualification / Extract based MCQs on any subject. EDUCART Question Bank for Term 1 Class 10 And Class 12.

mediawire_image_0Term 1 books proposed, currently the best-selling on Amazon

These books are currently ranked # 1 on Amazon because they were written by Kendriya Vidyalaya teachers selected for each subject in consultation with NCERT experts. Each chapter pays special attention to the summary theory for term 1 and provides all kinds of new types of MCQs on each topic in the chapter.

In order to use the concept of 2 hours of study per subject per day, a rough plan needs to be made by making the chapters easy and difficult / long. An example from Chapter 10 Math TERM Chapter 1 is shown below:

mediawire_image_0Example Student Study Plan for Math Class 10

As we can see, in a total of 40 days, concentrating on just 2 hours per day in each chapter of mathematics, the full term will be completed on the 1st 40th day or the end of September.

In a 2 hour study specifically these question banks term 1 (Class 10And terms 1 and 2 (Class 12) Practice questions on every subject including NCERT. Covering these Term 1-centric questions every day will help students make a healthy preparation and be ready for the final revision from September.

The above table can be easily created by the students for all the subjects of other classes 10th and 12th, to study for 2 hours at a time using the reference objective bank proposed above for each subject.


4. Final reconsideration

Once the entire course has been self-studied, following the above structure, students should begin to reconsider as a basis for paper-based revision with CBSE sample paper and marking scheme. Time management will be important and by then the market will be flooded with many sample paper books to choose from the term 1 objective paper pattern.

The key is to focus on smart planning according to the above, to practice your syllabus on time for well-rounded practice and revision of new pattern questions on each topic.


I hope this ‘Student Study Hour’ approach will prove to be effective in providing a useful perspective with the CBSE team recommending a truly useful book.

According to CBSE study plan:

Class 10 Term I MCQ book


Class 12 Term I and II books

Disclaimer: Content produced by Educate Publications

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