CBSE has taken it successfully Term 1 board exam For 10th and 12th grade students MCQ format.

With these exams over, students are eagerly awaiting the upcoming guidelines CBSE Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Board Examination 2022.

However, without waiting for the new guidelines, students can start preparing CBSE Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Board Examination 2022, As per guidelines issued by CBSE in the initial phase Academic Session 2021-22.


The CBSE has even published a schedule for its various subjects Official website. In addition, students can check out Mock test as per chapter as per CBSE guidelines for 2022 term 2 board exams for class 10 and 12.

This is very important for students CBSE Term 2 Board Examination Be aware of the important information that CBSE updates.


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Below about various useful information Disclosure of schedule And Mock test update


CBSE Term 2 Exam Schedule

For Term 2 board exam, CBSE is planning to take descriptive test against term 1.

Term 2 will be conducted for testing 2 hours And students will face related questions Case-based, situation-based, open short answer, And Long answer type questions.


Both term examinations will contribute jointly Final board results Students


In any unavoidable situation, if descriptive tests are not possible. Then go further with CBSE MCQ based test.

Students can check Bifurcated-syllabus Including marking scheme on the official website of CBSE. In addition, CBSE Has launched one Schedule For a variety of topics that students can easily refer to.


Suggested link for here CBSE Syllabus | Time Table Class 10 and 12 for Term 2 Board Exam 2022:

The mock test has been uploaded according to the chapter

Term 2 board exam Will be managed in March or April 2022. For the convenience of students with easy and up-to-the-mark preparation, CBSE has even published chapter-based mock exams.

Mock tests have been specially designed Logical syllabus I think so


Students will face questions for each chapter Overall preparation Material for them CBSE Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Board Examination 2022. In addition, it will help students gain clarity about important ideas.

Mock-test Will cover all the typologies (objective and thematic) that will be asked Term 2 board exam. Thus, they will serve as a great gateway to help students get a clear picture Question type That they will face the test day.

This will help them a lot to prepare in the right way and concentrate on board exams. Students can also read with it Mock test according to this CBSE chapter Question Banks for Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Board Examination 2022, And you will get: strictly according to CBSE Term 2 Syllabus Classes 10 and 12 for Board 2022 Exam (March-April)

A Mock test according to this CBSE chapter Question Banks for Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Board Examination 2022 Include questions for both – objective and thematic types of questions


Objective questions based on the new typology introduced by the Board-

I. MCQs alone,

2. Claim-cause based MCQ

III. Case based MCQs.


Thematic questions are included – very short, short and long answer type questions

  • The most probable question for the 2022 Term 2 board exam is typology
  • These Mock test as per CBSE chapter Question Banks for Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Board Examination 2022 Include Cognitive Exam Preparation Tools for Term 2 Board (Mind Map, Memoirs, Revision Notes, Concept Video Based Hybrid Learning)
mediawire_image_0Mock according to CBSE chapter Question Bank 10th and 12th Class | For the 2nd term board exam of 2022

Suggested link for here Mock Test as per CBSE Chapter Class 10 of Question Bank for Term 2 Board Examination 2022: –

Mock Test as per CBSE Chapter Question Bank Class 12 for Term 2 Board Examination 2022:


Students must attend Term 2 test E.g. According to the reason Divided syllabus CBSE, both terms are equally important.

And both of them will contribute Final board score. So, stay tuned for more latest updates !!

Teacher acceptance:


Since Curriculum for CBSE Class 10 and 12 Term 2 Board Examination 2022 May also be in thematic, offline mode; Covering the remaining half of Term 2 syllabus in 2 months will be a challenging task for the teacher. That is, most teachers plan to finish the syllabus on time. Teachers will have to put in extra effort to ensure that their students are well versed in the clarity of the concept if the class continues in the online mode.

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