The family members of the slain businessman filmed the video, the report said



A widely shared video on social media shows top officials in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, alleging that the businessman was trying to frustrate the family of Manish Gupta, who died in a police raid on a hotel in the city on Monday night, from filing a police case.


Six policemen were suspended on Tuesday night and a murder case was filed against four of them early Wednesday following nationwide outrage over the incident.

It is not clear who shot the video but reports said it was made by a family member of the slain businessman during a meeting with Gorakhpur District Magistrate Vijay Kiran Anand and police chief Bipin Tadar.


Among others, the alleged video was shared on Twitter by Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh and his UP campaign in-charge.

The video shows the district magistrate telling the family that it would take several years to file a case in court. “I’m pleading with you like an older brother. After the court case, you won’t believe, it takes years in court,” Mr Mr Anand said in the video.


The video then shows police chief Tada interacting, “They (police) had no previous animosity. They were wearing uniforms and that’s why I’ve been listening to you since morning. You asked them to suspend and I did. They will be reinstated until we get a clean chit No. “

“I want to take their job,” a woman’s voice said before the two officers realized they were being filmed and told to stop.

Calls and messages to the mobile numbers of both the officers did not respond. The secretaries of both the officials told NDTV over phone that they were very busy with the “meeting”

Earlier on Wednesday, condemning the alleged killing, former chief minister and opposition leader Akhilesh Yadav blamed it for an “encounter culture”, claiming it was a practice initiated by the BJP in the state.


The businessman was from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. He and two others from different cities were in hotel rooms during the midnight raid on Monday. People with the victim told the media that they had come to Gorakhpur to meet a business associate and a common friend.

“The three of us were sleeping in our room. The doorbell rang at midnight. I opened the door and there were five or seven policemen with the boy from the reception. They came into the room and started asking us. For ID. I showed my ID and then woke up Manish.” “He asked the police why we were upset so late at night. The police then started threatening us,” said Harbir Singh, a man inside the hotel room. Mr Singh said he lives in Gurgaon, Haryana.

“They were drunk. I was slapped by a policeman. Some of them had guns in their hands. The police then took me out. After a while, I saw Manish being dragged out of the police room and there was blood on his face,” he added. Does.


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