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To help students make an informed career decision, a career counselor is needed. However, most Indian institutions give it the least importance. As in the West, India needs trained professionals with extensive knowledge about jobs and careers. The lack of skilled career counselors is due to the fact that many institutions do not offer this course. Highlighting the acute shortage of trained professionals, A Vimala, HoD, Extension & Career Guidance Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, said that the lack of undergraduate and postgraduate programs to build a pool of professionals in this field is the only reason for the shortage of well-trained professionals. Realizing the lack of talent and skilled staff needed to become a professional career counselor, the University of India began a two-year MA in the Career Guidance Program in 2008 with a vote of 20 students. Lack of awareness among students about the availability of such programs is a major obstacle to attract university students.


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“Government support is needed to solve this problem. They must promote and advertise career counselors as job opportunities in government schools and colleges. An individual recruitment process must be followed. At present, there is no alternative but to use the teachers of the educational institutions as career counselors, ”said Bimala. Teachers can help solve problems related to the subject, not career guidelines. “The main objective of the two-year MA Career Guidance Program is to prepare students as career counselors and to guide them in building a global and national vision for education and employment. The program provides students with an understanding of teaching, instruction, counseling, various tools of psychometric examination, event management, organizing career exhibitions, instructional information sources and employment opportunities and skills as well as depth of their knowledge and understanding. Evaluation for primary and middle-career at school, college and industry level, ”Bimala explained.

Course syllabus

Guidance and Counseling Practice, Curriculum Development, Positive Psychology of Counseling, E-Career Guidance, English Communication and Testing, Career Development in Social Context, Head of Career Development and Career Management. The current culture and social pressures of peers, the numbers obtained on the board are doing a lot of damage to the future workforce. Interest is rarely important when choosing a career option.

Systemic lacunae

In addition to Indian universities, Rajiv Gandhi National Youth Development Institute, Sriperumbudur, also offers MA Career Counseling Program. Some certificate programs are offered by private organizations. “NEP emphasizes career counseling in schools to identify students’ interests but governments do not start anything, ”Bimala said.

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