President Bidens National security experts and veteran Republicans told Fox News that the list of 1 key infrastructure entity that is “beyond the borders” of Russian cybertax has effectively given the Russians the green light to effectively target everything on that list without serious adversity. Veteran Republicans told Fox News.

Russian cybercriminals are believed to be behind a pair of recent cyberattacks targeting Russian colonial pipeline and meat-processing company JBS Holdings. Both companies have paid millions of dollars in ransom to regain access to their systems


Biden told reporters Wednesday that he had given President Vladimir Putin a list of 11 of the 16 most critical infrastructure entities that are not a “limitation” of a Russian cyberattack: “I was talking about the proposal that some important compromise should go beyond attacking infrastructure – cyber or whatever.” One way or another. I gave them a list, if I’m not mistaken – I don’t have it in front of me – 16 specific entities; 16 for our water system based on U.S. policy, defined as critical infrastructure of U.S. policy. ”

Biden’s “off-limits” list has encouraged experts and members of Congress to question whether everything on the list is therefore a fair play for the attacks.

“As you draw red circles around things you don’t want to attack Russia, you are both telling Russia that you are the most valuable and that they can attack anything else without serious consequences,” Rebecca Heinrichs, a senior associate at the Hudson Institute, told Fox News. .

Heinrichs added, “These 1 things can persuade Russia to step up attacks against all institutions except these ones. We should not simplify Russia’s calculations and certainly should not give the green light to any kind of attack.”


Cara Frederick, a technology policy researcher at the Heritage Foundation, said: “At this summit, I’m very careful about Biden’s actions because we talk about spending when cybertaxes occur and when they face some specialization with a state.” .

“Most cybercriminals in Russia operate with the approval of an independent state,” Frederick noted. “Instead of targeting 16 of these, we should disrupt their networks,” he added.

These criticisms were echoed by a long list of Capitol Hill Republicans, whose response to Biden’s list ranged from incredible to angry.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R. Weiss, told Fox News on Thursday that it appears that Biden “has now drawn the line with Putin that he must implement it now” and that Russia’s “president’s decision to stop cyberattacks in only one economic sector.” The claim was “really bizarre.”


Sitting on Sindh Homeland Security and government issues, Johnson said, “Together with his decision not to impose sanctions to prevent the completion of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, his limited claim on cybertax indicates weakness that our opponents will notice and take advantage of.” Who sits on Senate Homeland Security and government affairs.

“President Biden’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed our worst fears: he is too weak to stand up to the opposition,” Rep. Alice Stefanik, RNY, told Fox News.

Stefanik, who presided over the House Republican Conference, added, “President Biden has effectively given the green light to our enemies to launch cyberattacks on Americans. Only the United States should be kept out of the realm of critical infrastructure, not Russian-backed cybertax.”

“President Biden can’t even help identify vulnerabilities by accident,” Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Fox News. “Not all of America’s critical infrastructure is beyond Putin’s control.”


Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, a member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, said Biden made the announcement of his “off-limits” list to the world “stunning” and “ridiculous.”

“I think he should have brought a map of the United States of America and just said, ‘Everything you can’t attack is here,'” Lancford said Thursday morning with Maria at Fox Business. Instead, Lancaster said Biden effectively told the Russians. That “you can attack these other areas.”

Sitting on the House Homeland Security Committee, Texas Rep. August Flagger said Biden was “allowing Putin to carry out indiscriminate raids on Russia’s borders to advance the notorious agenda of those who are randomly raiding Russia’s borders.”

“If we want to protect and secure our critical infrastructure, we must address it. I have serious doubts about the effectiveness of giving Putin an ‘off-limits’ list,” Piflugar added. “Energy security is national security and similarly the United States must protect our agricultural production and food supply.”


Another member of the House Homeland Security Committee is the South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman called Biden’s list “an insult to the American people.” Norman said the president “should make it clear that the United States will not tolerate any form of cybertech.”

“The tension over the cybertac issue was clear; President Biden said, ‘Please don’t attack us,’ what the United States will do about it is not here,” said Florida correspondent Kat Kammack, who sat in on the House Homeland Security Committee. Fox News reported.

Michigan correspondent Peter Major told Fox News that “every American person and entity should be limited to Russia-based hackers,” adding that America “should use the full weight of our national security apparatus to punish those who attack our country.” “

Mizer added, “The 1 sector designated by the CISA is important to protect the sector, but no area should be protected from cyber-attacks.”


“This is another example of President Biden’s lack of justice, especially when it comes to working with our opponents,” Florida Representative Carlos Gimenez told Fox News. “The Russians need to know that all Americans are limited by their cyber-attacks, not just a select few in Biden.”

“Instead of submitting a list of 16 off-border items, President Biden should have made it clear that any cybertack about America is unacceptable and that those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. Putin was weak to list,” Tennessee Rep. Diana Hersberger told Fox News.

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North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop similarly said that every part and sector of American infrastructure should be “limited to cyberetax.”


“This is not a debate and President Biden should have made it clear. Weaknesses at the international level have had serious consequences,” Bishop added.

“All America should be protected from Russian hacking, and our president should have made it very clear that any Russia-based cyber attack would face an immediate response from the United States,” Rep. Clay Higgins told R-La, Fox News. Clay Higgins, R-La, told Fox News.

“Instead of drawing solid lines, Biden declared an open season for every industry that is not included in CISA’s definition of critical infrastructure,” Higgins added. “We should not indulge in any kind of Russian aggression against US interests. We should have a zero tolerance policy.”

And. Ga, repread. Andrew Clyde told Fox News that Biden’s list was “nothing more than a decoratively wrapped present in the hands of the Kremlin.”


The White House did not return a request for comment from Fox News.

Cameron Catherine, Peter Hassan and Morgan Phillips of Fox News contributed to the reporting.

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