LONDON: England fast bowler James Anderson says he and India captain Virat Kohli enjoyed the “excited” way to meet each other during the “home Test series this summer” and described the competition as a favorite of many conflicts with him.
The Kohli vs Anderson rivalry is one of the biggest talking points whenever India locks the horn with England in the longest format of the game.
When Anderson dominated the action in 201 And, the stylish Indian batter turned things around and kept the Speedstar away during India’s 2018 England tour.
This year, Anderson was able to dismiss the Indian captain twice in four Test matches.
“This summer was probably my favorite competition with the giants. We’ve had a number of good fights over the years in England and India, but this year has definitely been my favorite,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Anderson as saying.
“I knocked him out a few times but he also got some runs, and we had a fight on the field where there was of course mutual respect.
“It was in a really nice way, if it made sense. Obviously we were moving towards each other, but it was in an exciting way. So I really enjoyed it,” he said.
Speaking about the Ashes series, Anderson said he was looking forward to bowling to star Australian batsman Steve Smith.
“As a bowler you always look at the best players and for me Steve Smith has been the best player in Australia for the last three, four or five years.”
“He’s the one who’s relied on for his volume, obviously the people around him are supported like (David) Warner and (Marnus) Labushagen. Which we’ll be interested in getting out of soon.”
The veteran pacer said he would be content to play three or four Tests instead of five to maintain his longevity.
“I’ll do exactly what I did in my summer. Hopefully I’ll play five, but I’ll be happy with three or four. You’ll manage it through the series,” Anderson said.
“We’ve got a good team of bowlers, so we can turn around a bit, because we’ve been there for the last 18 months to two years.
“Australia’s five-game chance (slim) to be honest at any age in Australia. It takes you a lot, especially in some venues. So we just have to wait. And see,” he added.


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