3DBear, a Finnish Adtech Growth Company and Category Leader in this field is on a mission to bring more awareness and knowledge about the role of the virtual learning environment in education and has been enthusiastically associated with key educators.


Today, we live in a magical world of technology; Smartphones, tablets and other digital devices that children start using at an early age are changing the way they learn, play and share. The traditional method of education is becoming a thing of the past. They are increasingly being digitized, and driven by technological innovation.

The beginning of augmented reality is a game changer with evolution that is no longer an impressive concept we see in movies, but rather this ground-breaking technology is much more real. The use of AR technology helps to revitalize time between children and parents and also facilitates learning.

Nowadays, ‘Increased Reality for Education’ is gaining wide popularity. Through the use of augmented reality, you can build self-learning skills at a very early stage of your children’s learning and development while sitting at home. Children have less time to concentrate, when initially taught; With AR, since students can see, observe and feel during the learning process, they can maintain their focus and attention towards the teacher.

AR has the power to instill in them a love for learning. They gain the first experience of being involved in a realistic and lifelong environment that makes them better students for life. It allows the child to take a deep dive into a new interest or area of ​​their existing interest through an interactive and immersive learning experience. The 3D nature of AR encourages children to work in groups, it creates real collaboration and improves communication. It is also beneficial for teachers. They can quickly create a fun learning environment. When learning becomes a pleasurable and fascinating experience, children retain most of the information presented to them. It can maximize educational effectiveness which can prove to be very beneficial for them.


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AR in education helps students achieve good results through visualization and complete immersion in content. So, instead of reading a theory about a subject, students can see it with their own eyes, in action. Augmented Reality has the potential to replace paper textbooks, physical models, posters, and printed manuals. It provides affordable and inexpensive learning materials. As a result, education has become more accessible and mobile. This is part of a larger augmented reality concept, including VR technology. Enhanced reality enhances the real world environment with text, sound effects, graphics and multimedia. In other words, AR brings a richer version of our immediate environment by layering digital content on top of real-world graphic representations.

While there are many AR and VR applications to help children learn their lessons in a safe and effective way, 3DBear is one of the most interactive and integrated applications for learning and digital storytelling. Which is leading in this space and has always met the expectations of the users. 3DBear is purposefully created and designed for learning, fun, creation and innovation. It has proven to be an effective means of educating and entertaining young people of all ages.


3DBear, a Finnish adtech growth company, was founded in 2016 to provide tools for creative learning using virtual technology. After good funding by California venture capital brand Capital International and Finnish Opiva Invest, 3DBear has entered the Indian market to accelerate their growth plans. It is now one of the class leaders in his field.

3DBear is a free app that can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store. It is a great educational, creative entertainment tool that uses augmented reality and 3D objects. It has the extraordinary potential to immerse children, teachers and parents in a meaningful learning drive, giving them more control over how, when and where they will learn.

3DBear Also recommended under Google Remote Education’s official partner and Apple’s “Remote Learning for Institutions and Educators”. In addition, they have taken a mission to bring more awareness and knowledge about the role of the virtual learning environment in education and have been enthusiastically associated with key educators.

The first such virtual event (webinar) title – ‘3DBear AR VR Carnival with TimesThe October to Wednesday (Wednesday) evening is scheduled to discuss the benefits of the Virtual Learning Environment (AR / VR) in education. This event will have a gracious presence The Ambassador of Finland to India is Twa Kukku-Rande and the CEO of 3DBear is Jusi Kazala.

Monica Joshi, MIIE Specialist and IT Head, Saat Paul Mittal School, Punjab, Anupam Sharma, Coordinator CAIE, Indirapuram Public School and a YouTube star will present Anantya Anand on how they are using AR / VR and the Honorable Panel will conduct a discussion and Talk about observation.

Register here:

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Disclaimer: This article was created on behalf of the mediaware team 3DBear.

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