At UN, Joe Biden Promises ‘Relentless Diplomacy,’ Defence Of Democracy




Biden pledged to protect America’s vital national interests

In his first UN speech on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden mapped out a new era of fierce competition without a new Cold War, despite China’s ascent, promising military restraint and a strong fight against climate change. At the UN General Assembly, Biden said the United States would help resolve the crisis from Iran to the Korean Peninsula to Ethiopia.

The world is facing a “decisive decade,” Biden said, in which leaders must work together to tackle the coronavirus epidemic, global climate change and the cyber threat.


He said the United States would double its financial commitment to climate aid and spend ১০ 10 billion to fight hunger.

Biden never used the word “China” or “Beijing”, but in his speech he scattered the underlying mention of America’s increasingly powerful authoritarian rival, as the two countries raise their heads in the Indo-Pacific region and on trade and human rights issues.

He said the United States will fight vigorously economically and to strengthen the democratic system and the rule of law.


“We will stand up for our allies and friends and oppose strong countries’ attempts to dominate the weak, whether through forced territorial change, economic coercion, technical exploitation or confusion. But we do not want – I will say it again – we have a new Cold War or tough We don’t want a world divided into blocks, ”Biden said.

Biden has been criticized at home and abroad for withdrawing US chaos from Afghanistan, and some American and Afghan allies are still left in the country and struggling to get out.

A three-way agreement between the United States, Australia and Britain is testing its vow for allied unity, which has weakened a French submarine deal and left France feeling stabbed in the back.


“We have ended 20 years of conflict in Afghanistan and as we end this era of relentless war, we are ushering in a new era of relentless diplomacy,” Biden said.

Biden pledged to protect America’s vital national interests, but said “the mission must be clear and achievable” and that the US military should not be used as a solution to every problem we see around the world.

“Biden, a Democrat, hoped to present an interesting fact that the United States has surpassed the global challenges of its Republican predecessor, Donald Trump. The ability to recognize humanity, ”Biden said.


Biden added that he was committed to resolving the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program peacefully.

He promised to protect US ally Israel but said a two-state solution with the Palestinians was still needed but a distant goal. He says the United States wants “sustainable diplomacy” to resolve the crisis surrounding North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

North Korea has rejected a US offer to take part in the talks.


Discussing the persecution of ethnic, racial and religious minorities, Biden consolidated China’s Xinjiang region where rights groups estimate that one million Uighurs and other ethnic minorities are trapped in camps. In response to Biden’s reference to Xinjiang, China’s mission to the United Nations told Reuters: “This is completely unfounded. We reject it outright. The United States should pay more attention to its own human rights problems.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is set to begin his second five-year term as head of the world body on January 1, warned earlier that China and the United States, the world’s largest economies, were in danger of widening the gap.

“I fear that our world is moving towards two different streams of economic, trade, financial and technological rules, two different approaches to the development of artificial intelligence – and ultimately two different military and geopolitical strategies,” Guterres said.


“It’s a recipe for trouble that would be much less predictable than the Cold War,” Guterres said.


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