The image shows the astronaut exercising.

An astronaut has shared an amazing video that has created waves on social media. It shows weightlessness on the International Space Station (ISS).

Italian European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti shared the fascinating video on Twitter on Wednesday. In the 73-second clip, Ms. Cristoforetti explains why such weight-lifting exercises are useful.

“Weightlifting in weightlessness. Load-bearing exercise in space and on Earth helps us maintain bone density and strong muscles – lift, push, build stronger bones,” Ms Cristoforetti said in her tweet while sharing the video.


In the video, Ms. Cristoforetti can be seen explaining an advanced resistive exercise device that is used to perform strengthening exercises in space. According to the post, the video was captured during a space mission.


“Every day we do some squats, deadlifts, and some pressing and lifting exercises,” he says. “I aim to exercise and lift weights every day to maintain strong muscles and strong bones,” he adds.

The video garnered over 32,000 views and over a thousand likes on Twitter in just one day. Users posted heartfelt comments in the comments section of the video and wished the astronaut luck for the mission.

One user wrote, “A chance to say hello again. Thank you so much for your blog during (and before) the mission. It was rich in information. I wish you the best.”

Another user asked, “See any UFOs out there? Please be honest.”


The post has been re-tweeted over a hundred times since it was shared.

“I’ve been looking at the literature on #extreme environments and #psychological #health. Exercise is essential for the mental apparatus to function at optimal levels. Thanks @AstroSamantha,” a third user wrote while sharing the video.


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