Assam’s Highest 1-Day Covid Spike Is Worrying Its Largest City Guwahati



Covid in Assam: There were 8,072 covid cases in Assam yesterday, bringing the total number of states to 6,61,789.



Assam recorded its highest one-day spike since the onset of the epidemic, with 8,072 coward cases recorded yesterday, bringing the number of states to 6,61,789. The highest number of new cases a day earlier was reported on Monday when 6,982 people tested positive.

The state has seen a worrying increase in the number of Kovid cases after Christmas, New Year and Bihu celebrations.

“Cases may increase due to overcrowding during Bihu and other festivals in Assam. As Omicron is highly contagious, people should avoid gatherings and crowds,” said Dr Basant Hazarika, state nodal officer at Kovid.


Assam’s positivity rate – the number of cases detected in every 100 tests – which stood at 10.75% on Monday stood at 12.62% yesterday, a major concern for the state where the number of active cases currently stands at 29,560.

“People have stopped using masks too much. Some people have politicized the vaccine but the truth is that the vaccine has not killed anyone,” Mr Shahjahan, a Guwahati resident, told NDTV.

Guwahati reported nearly 2,000 cases out of the total reported yesterday, with the positivity rate in Assam’s largest city standing at an all-time high of 20.62%, including around 9,000 active covid cases. Other major coveted hotspots in the state include Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Jorhat and Silchar.

Although the number of hospital admissions in the state has not increased, 16 related deaths were recorded yesterday – an almost eight-fold increase since January 11. The death toll in the state stood at 6,233.


“It’s wrong to blame the government for Kovid’s mismanagement,” a Kovid-positive patient told NDTV.

“Some of us let our guards down, which increased the case,” the patient added.

Currently, the state does not have a complete lockdown to prevent the spread of covid, but immunized people are barred from entering public places.


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