Aryan Khan Regular Consumer Of Drugs, Evidence Shows: Agency To Court





The Narcotics Control Bureau informed the Mumbai Sessions Court on Thursday afternoon that the bail hearing of Aryan Khan regular drug addict, ballcode superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son has resumed.

The NCB told the court it had “shown evidence” that Aryan Khan had frequently taken banned substances; Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh, representing the central body, also claimed in an on-record statement that he (Aryan Khan) had been using it for the past few years.


“Aryan Khan is not taking the medicine only once … The statement found that he had been using it for the last few years. The medicine was found from Arbaaz Merchant (Aryan’s friend, from whom six grams of char was seized.) … Aryan was with him, “Mr Singh told the court.

“It is clearly written in the Panchnama that both of them were supposed to take drugs,” he said.

The ASG further stated that under the NDPS Act (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act) any statement made by an NCB official would be deemed to be true unless proven otherwise.


At yesterday’s hearing, the NCB told the court that Aryan Khan was “involved in illegal drug trafficking” and was involved in “collecting and distributing drugs”.

The NCB said Aryan Khan was taking drugs and was “in contact with some people abroad who appear to be part of an international drug network for the illegal purchase of drugs”.

“The WhatsApp chat revealed that the accused had contacted a foreign national for large quantities of hard drugs,” the agency added, adding that the detainees were “inextricably linked to each other” and “role, involvement cannot be separated” from one accused to another. “


Aryan Khan’s defense team argued that he was “not present” during the ship’s expedition, did not have cash to buy drugs and did not have drugs on him.

“The allegation of illegal trafficking is inherently unreasonable. The boy who has nothing was not even on the ship. It is an unreasonable and false allegation,” said Amit Desai, a lawyer for actor Salman Khan.

He further claimed that Aryan “did not have cash” while on board, so he could not buy drugs. The NCB rejected the argument, saying that Aryan Khan had given the source of his drugs from Arbaaz Merchant.


Aryan Khan (2), his friend Arbaaz Merchant and six others were arrested after a drug raid on a Cordelia cruise ship bound for Mumbai on the Mumbai coast in mid-October.


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