Arvind Kejriwal’s Big Promises In Uttarakhand “For Life And Afterlife”




Arvind Kejriwal made big promises in Uttarakhand today.

New Delhi:

In Uttarakhand, which is heating up to elect his next government in 2022, Arvind Kejriwal today described his Delhi achievements and made some big promises “for life and the hereafter”.


Humein Vote Do … Hum Aapka Lok V Sudhar Dene Aur Parlok V … (Vote for us, we will improve your life and the hereafter), ”the 53-year-old Delhi chief minister said today, adding that he had promised free “Pilgrimage“(Pilgrimage) for Uttarakhand – also known as” Land of Gods “or” Land of Gods “- if AAP is elected to power.

“I recently went to Ayodhya Ram Lala Philosophy I prayed for help to get a chance to see everyone possible Ram Lalla. We have already launched such a scheme in Delhi. We will ensure free travel to Ayodhya if elected here too. For the Muslim Brotherhood, we will arrange a trip to Ajmer Sharif, and for the Sikh Brothers, we will arrange a trip to the Holy Kartarpur Corridor, “Mr Kejriwal said in a televised address.

Raising the vote pitch, he also targeted his rivals: “We do not see ourselves in the BJP and the Congress. We see ourselves in the people. So far they have only been involved in corruption.”

The AAP, which is trying to expand its national footprint ahead of next year’s five state elections, also tweeted a photo of Mr Kejriwal sharing an auto ride.


Referring to his Delhi achievements, Mr Kejriwal, addressing auto and taxi drivers in the state, said: “In the 2020 Delhi elections, I said don’t vote for me if I don’t work. No one dares to say it before the vote. Given a chance, you will stop voting for BJP and Congress. “


In the national capital, auto drivers “consider me their brother,” the 53-year-old leader said in an emotional plea that his government had transferred Rs 150 crore to 1.5 lakh auto drivers’ accounts. “Across the country, there is no other party that cares about people in this way.”

His team promised to “bring systematic change, introduce faceless RTO services, provide free medical treatment to accident victims and cut fitness fees,” he promised.


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