Apple Is Selling A Polishing Cloth For Rs 1,900 And The Reactions Are Pure Gold




Apple’s polishing cloth retails at Rs 1,900.

Apple’s Monday event saw the tech giant add a new product to its lineup: a polishing cloth. Clothes, “soft, non-abrasive material”, are available to buy at Apple stores – but only if you’re willing to spend 1, 1,900. Although the polishing cloth carries the Apple signature logo on one corner, it is not immediately clear that it distinguishes it from other microfiber cloths on the market that are sold at a fraction of the price.

For comparison, premium microfiber fabrics go for $ 1.50 each on Amazon. According to a Bloomberg report, this is Apple’s polishing accessory (which sells for 19 in the US) in the race for its highest margin physical product.


Apple has said that its latest accessories will “safely and effectively” clean any Apple display. It is compatible with almost all Apple products, including the iPhone, iPad and MacBook, according to the listing in the company’s online stores. But while polishing fabrics are already in short supply – requiring three to four weeks to ship in some parts of the world – reactions on social media were less than impressive.

Many called Apple to raise the price of accessories.

One Apple user wrote, “Apple has the guts to sell a piece of cloth for ড 19.”

Some have called it ‘peak capitalism’

Others were delighted by Apple adding a compatibility list for the fabric

There were lots of memes on Twitter


Apple has a history of pushing price limits with its products, with each new release provoking predictable jokes about its price now. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone is actually the first smartphone to break the $ 1,000 mark. However, in contrast to polishing fabrics, Apple’s laptops and smartphones generally receive positive reviews for their features and capabilities.

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