Anushka Sharma is the complete opposite of your normal celebrity. The actress-producer does not hesitate to present herself uninterruptedly, freely on social media. Anushka Sharma is currently in England with husband Virat Kohli and daughter Bamika, and the trio is having a great time, especially in terms of food. We regularly see snippets of his foodie diaries while on vacation in England and this time was no different. Anushka Sharma went to Instagram to share a picture of a delicious smoothie bowl made for her breakfast. Let’s see illing it looks really strong and full:

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We can put a lot of healthy ingredients together in Anushka Sharma’s delicious looking smoothie bowl. The bowl contains some sliced ​​granola, lots of berries, flaxseed, chopped bananas and coconut shavings. The smoothie bowl seems to have a decaying dark chocolate flavor. An easy but healthy way to kickstart the day, isn’t it?

If Instagram can’t get anything done, Anushka Sharma clearly has one thing for a quick and power-packed breakfast. She recently shared a picture with her husband Virat Kohli in which the two were seen enjoying a delicious breakfast. When Virat Kohli savored a mug of coffee, Anushka Sharma took a bite of the crunchy toast. Read the caption in the post, “When you soothe a quick breakfast and feel a strong winner.” Let’s see:

In the recent past, Anushka Sharma has expressed her love for some hot samosas. The actress ate a delicious desi snack when English was feeling bad weather. “When the bad light brings out the hot samosa,” he wrote. Check it out:


Anushka Sharma never once expressed her love for food. She recently posted a story about her passion for coffee. “Coffee has made me very optimistic. I like coffee. Thank you for listening,” he said. Take a look at his post:


Anushka Sharma shared an Instagram story about coffee.

Anushka Sharma’s British classic pairing of tea and scones also made it to the holiday menu in England. See image here:


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