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New Delhi: Amity University is at the forefront of implementing new digital technologies to make online quality education accessible to all.

Their unique partnership with CSC Academy and Skill India enables academic delivery to the last mile of India. As a private university partner in this major government program, Amity University has become an important part of changing the look of the online non-urban area.



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The ongoing epidemic has created barriers to learning, especially in inaccessible areas of India, which continue to face multiple barriers to learning. Amity University addresses common causes online that disrupt learning and provides digitized solutions to overcome these barriers.


Programs designed to support accessibility

Clearly immigration is seen in this last-mile region for two main reasons – quality education and lucrative employment. Since there is no good college or infrastructure in the region that supports higher education, the future of students depends on the possibility of relocation and other related matters.

Publicly invested educational institutions such as CSC Academy and Skill India aim to transform the rural education landscape by providing education opportunities using the latest digital technology. As an academic partner in this government initiative, Amity University helps provide its globally recognized program at the online grassroots level.


Bring a classroom to your home

The government’s focus on creating a digital India has paved the way for digital education. These online programs do not require students to migrate or travel on a regular basis. They can learn from the comfort of their home with the minimum requirements of a smartphone with internet connection. Programs aimed at independent education do not require a specific schedule and large brick and mortar infrastructure. The focus is on learning anytime, anywhere.

Designed to reduce dropout rates

India’s dropout rate at the undergraduate level is 12.7 per cent, especially in non-urban areas due to instruction, financial assistance and other problems.


With their simple, flexible programs built to take advantage of a semester drop, students can learn from anywhere and anytime. Available in a wide range of learning materials in video, e-book, animation and many more formats, Amity Online aims to reduce dropout percentages through interactive and easy learning.

Links to global trust and employment

Often online education is associated with lower academic rigor and lower education outcomes. Amity University online, to make students employable. Therefore, the curriculum is analyzed every year through rigorous assessment agencies and global recognition teams to map employment education outcomes.

Since these courses are designed for working professionals, the importance that is given to creating the right skills is paramount.


With facilities such as world-renowned faculty members, updated curricula, research-based learning, adequate assignments, live classes and forums for discussions, Amity University Online provides a world-class learning ecosystem.

Inclusive and holistic learning environment

Regular classroom-based education is sometimes an obstacle to continuing education, in countries like India where girls cannot go outside their villages for higher education. In such situations, learning in online classroom contemporary and asynchronous formats acts as a boon to overcome these social and physical barriers.


It helps to make learning a more inclusive and holistic experience in a way. Even if the student misses a direct speech, it is easily found after the recording. Also, learning through videos, quizzes and animations makes it a delightful and exciting journey. Students with disabilities or students with special needs also get access to quality education through Amity University online.

Overall, Amity has made it easier for online students to fulfill their career ambitions and become responsible citizens. Starting from preparing their future leaders for managerial positions, the university has been instrumental in transforming the careers of many professionals in the urban landscape. Now these waves of change will be felt in rural India through the last mile delivery model of CSC Academy, which will empower the future Indian workforce.

It has established a new chapter in education by merging top online universities with government initiatives. Especially in rural areas, Amity University’s online education activities around the world are gaining traction. The goal of Amity University Online is to transform the Indian employment and learning landscape with the mission of nation building through education.

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