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CHANDIGARH: Referring to the social, economic and security impact of the long-running farmers’ movement, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Tuesday urged Union Home Minister Amit Shah to withdraw the Agriculture Act immediately, sparking widespread outrage among farmers in Punjab and other states.
The chief minister sought a “permanent and quickest” solution to the farmers’ concerns, expressing concern over fears of hostile forces on the other side of the border in an attempt to exploit dissent and discontent against the government.
Amarinder said protests have been going on in Punjab since the central government issued the ordinance in June 2020. “While these protests have so far been largely peaceful, one can feel the growing tension, especially as the state elections approach in early 2022,” he warned.
He added that the long-running movement is not only affecting the economic activities of Punjab but also its social structure, especially when political parties and groups take a firm stand.
Citing the report, the chief minister said more than 40,000 farmers and farm workers have died fighting for their rights since the movement shifted to the Delhi border.
He recalled that he had earlier sought an appointment with the Shah to meet an all-party delegation from Punjab.
Amarinder also pointed out the need to compensate farmers for the management of paddy straw worth Rs 100 per farmer and to address the growing risk of DAP deficit, which would exacerbate the problem of farmers.
He requested the King to immediately advise the officials of the Fertilizer Department for further allocation of DAP reserves in Punjab as per the revised demand and to give further instructions to the suppliers so that he could provide adequate supply as per the schedule.
Referring to the recent increase in subsidized phosphatic fertilizer prices by the Government of India, the Chief Minister said only till October 31, 2021, the increase in DAP price in the international market and uncertainty about the amount of subsidy were contributing heavily to the possible shortage of DAP in the coming Rabi season. He added that the concern was heightened by the non-response to the pre-positioning tender by Markfed for the purchase of DAP from DAP suppliers.
As a result of the problem faced by Markfed in arranging supply of DAP through tender, the state government has requested the Fertilizer Department to allocate at least la.5 lakh metric tonnes of DAP on priority basis by October and another 1.5 lakh metric tonnes by November 15, 2021. , So that timely DAP is available for wheat sowing in the state, he informed Shah. He said the state government has already requested additional allocation of 0.75 LMT in August and 1.5 LMT in September, with the demand for its main kharif being 0.80 LMT and 0.75 LMT in August and September respectively. The August extended allocation has not yet been approved, he added.
Punjab needs 5.5 lakh metric tonnes of DAP for the upcoming Rabi season. About 50% of the total demand is supplied through the State Cooperative Societies. Since the use of DAP is mostly limited to a short period from the last week of October to the third week of November, when about 0% of the area under wheat is sown, DAP forecast is required in different parts of the state. To avoid last minute lack and delay in sowing in mid-October.


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