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Kolkata: In a bizarre development, the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) has allowed all students who failed to qualify for the Higher Secondary (Class 12) examination.

Since no exams were held this year due to the Covid situation, the council announced the results based on an assessment method where 18,000 students failed.



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“Our government is humane. Therefore, all the candidates participating in the Higher Secondary Examination have been given pass numbers considering the cowardly situation,” said Mahua Das, president of WBCHSE. After the results were announced on July 22, where nearly 1,000,000 students failed, there was widespread movement in various parts of the state by unsuccessful candidates who claimed they deserved to pass.


The situation was such that the Chief Secretary of the State called HK Dwivedi Das and asked him to be sympathetic towards all the students, after which the council decided to review all the marks of the students and allowed them to graduate, a record 100 per cent pass rate.

Recently, the state has recorded a percentage pass rate in secondary (tenth class) examinations.

A council official said that while conducting a survey of Class 11 results, which was one of the parameters for evaluating Class 12 results, it was found that some candidates could not take part in Class XI examinations, some appeared in only one subject, some school coded situations. Due to the inability to conduct practical or project work, others sent Class 11 numbers to the Council in some other format that did not conform to the format described by the Council.


The official further mentioned that some schools submitted their marks for 11th class where it was found that some students got single digit marks, while some projects or practicals were absent so they got zero. Therefore, while preparing the results, these candidates could not be given pass numbers.

“Everything that happened was due to the difficult time associated with the Covid situation. So, all the candidates enrolled in this year’s HS exam have been declared as pass,” the official said.

Das claimed that he has received 14,200 applications for review which will be processed in a timely manner so that students do not face any difficulty in getting admission at the undergraduate level.


Higher secondary examinations have been canceled this year due to the ongoing cowardly situation. The council divided the theoretical marks into two parts, weighing per cent of the marks obtained in the secondary examination and another 0 per cent of the class 11 content. Practical tests and project work in the twelfth grade.


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