MUMBAI: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on Thursday said he had no problem with the Income Tax department conducting raids on its affiliates, but he was upset that his three sisters were dragged into it.
Power, who is also the state’s finance minister, said some of his affiliates had been raided.
“We pay taxes every year. Since I am the finance minister, I am aware of financial discipline. All the institutions associated with me have paid taxes,” Power told reporters.
He said agencies affiliated with his three sisters – one in Kolhapur and two in Pune – were also raided there.
“I am upset because my sisters, who were married 35 to 40 years ago, have been targeted. If they were attacked as relatives of Ajit Pawar, people would think … “He said.
The NCP leader, whose party has shared power with Shiv Sena and Congress in Maharashtra, said that before the 2019 assembly elections, the name of his party chief Sharad Pawar was dragged into a bank case.
“The IT department is in a better position to say whether there was a political motive behind the operation or whether they found something else,” he said in Thursday’s campaign.
According to government sources, the Income-tax department on Thursday launched some business operations involving Ajit Pawar’s family members and some real estate developers.
They said searches were being conducted in Mumbai, Pune, Satara and several cities in Maharashtra and Goa.
According to sources, premises belonging to business groups like DB Reality, Shibalik, Jarandeshwar Sahakari Sugar Factory (Jarandeshwar SSK) and businesses associated with Ajit Power’s sister are being brought under the ongoing operation.
Jarandeshwar SSK was in the news recently after the Enforcement Directorate (ED) attached land, buildings, plants and equipment worth Rs 5 crore to its sugar mill at Chimongaon-Koregaon in Satara under the Anti-Money Laundering Act in July.
The ED claimed that the co-operative sugar mill was associated with Ajit Pawar and his family.


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