Air India Unions Seek Clarity On Arrears, Benefits Before Tata Handover




10 central trade unions have criticized the sale of national carriers.

New Delhi:

The Air India unions have demanded that their concerns regarding payment of arrears, monetization of leave, medical facilities and accommodation be resolved immediately.


Referring to the privatization of the national carrier and the tender of the Tata Group, a joint letter from all the unions reiterated their demand to Rajiv Bansal, Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation.

The unions sought an explanation of their cash or carrying option immediately before the transfer. They say they were promised this in multiple meetings with the government.

The letter requested the government to allow workers to stay in the Air India colonies until they are monetized or for at least one year as the new employers guarantee a one-year job.


Unions have also expressed concern about the lack of clarity about jobs and medical facilities for retired / retired workers. Their claim is that they are still waiting for the final response.

Another major demand of the unions is that all permanent employees be given “post-retirement benefits” of medical treatment and transit.

The unions also called for pre-coupled allowances and material recovery.


10 central trade unions have criticized the sale of national carriers.

“It is a gift to the Tatas in the 75th year of independence, it was nationalized in 1953 after being acquired by the government in 1948. Billions of rupees were added from the national treasury for its wealth base, huge fleet of aircraft and wide expansion of aircraft. Both properties, ”the unions said in a joint statement today.

Air India has been sold to Tata Sons for Rs. 18,000 crore, with a total debt of Rs. 60,000 crore.


There will be no layoffs in the first year and Air India employees will be given a voluntary retirement plan or VRS in the second year. Gratuity and provident fund benefits will be provided to all employees.


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