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NEW DELHI: Amid a deep crisis in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover of the war-torn country, a large number of Afghan refugees in India protested in front of the UNHCR office on Monday, seeking better opportunities to release “aid letters” from the United Nations.
Hundreds of protesting women and men from Delhi and surrounding cities have been gathering in front of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office in Bihar since morning.
Crowds chanted “We want the future,” “We want justice,” “Silence,” and clapped and cheered, while others held banners such as “The United Nations is helping Geneva Afghan refugees” and “Issuing resident visas” for all Afghan refugees.
The Afghan Solidarity Committee (ASC) organized the protest and protesters chanted slogans until evening, with their leader saying the protest would last at least two to three days.
The protesters came from Lajpat Nagar – Delhi’s ‘Little Kabul’, Vogal, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, among other places.
Ahmed Zia Ghani, head of the committee, said there were about 21,000 Afghan refugees in India, of whom only 20,000,000 had valid documents (blue paper) or cards.
“The lives of Afghans in India are not very good, and there are very few opportunities. Why shouldn’t we have the opportunity to move to a third country and find a better future for ourselves and our children. UNHCR should consider our application, issue support letters and even old cases.” Open it again, ”he told PTI.
ASC volunteers also wore a blue armband to register their protest, while women and children sang the Afghan song ‘Sarjamin Mann’.
Among the protesters were children, as young as two-year-old Nihanz, who came with his family from Vogal, and sisters Dia, 12, and Diana, 10, who stood together in a crowd wrapped in the Afghan national flag.
“My Afghanistan has been snatched by the Taliban,” said 19-year-old Maryam Arzo Nuar, who moved out of Kabul with her family seven years ago.
Nuer, a resident of Vogal, who wore an Afghan-colored scarf, said he cried the day Kabul fell into the hands of Islamist groups.
“We can’t think of going back to Afghanistan, so we have to find a better way, which unfortunately we can’t find in India. I want to be a doctor, but do I have the necessary paperwork to pursue higher education here,” said Kainat Yousufi, 18. Who is among the volunteers.
UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and creating a better future for refugees.
With the Taliban occupying Afghanistan this month, U.S. forces seized control of almost all major cities and towns in the wake of the withdrawal, which began on May 1st.
On August 15, the capital, Kabul, fell to the Taliban, and even a large number of Afghans tried in vain to flee the war-torn country.


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