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Guwahati: Students and parents are worried about admissions to top colleges in Delhi and Assam as the cut-off number under formula-based assessment may rise sharply this year.

Amid speculation of a third wave of covid, some parents are still hesitant to send their sons and daughters to study in other parts of the country. In such a situation, major institutions like Cotton University in Guwahati may be under pressure to have top performers. The pass percentage in CBSE and state boards has already shown a massive increase.



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Admission for undergraduate admission in Delhi University (DU)-affiliated colleges will start from August 2, where admission for postgraduate, MPhil and PhD courses will start from July 26. An online helpdesk for students in Assam who wish to be admitted to the top colleges in the country in the national capital. One of the leading student organizations in the north-east of Delhi has been providing assistance to students in the state during admissions for years. Since his student days, Ranjan Bikash, an advisor to Asa, has never faced such concerns during the admission season. But with a pass percentage of more than %% on the CBSE Class XII board and an ‘extraordinarily high’ pass rate in the Class X Assam board exams, Ranjan and other student guides are in one place. They may think twice before proposing college to an aspirant. “We were predicting that under the assessment formula this year both the pass percentage and the overall performance of the students will suddenly go higher. In states like Assam, where students usually get lower marks than CBSE students, getting admission in DB College will be a real test,” Ranjan said.


Last year, many students who were planning to move to Delhi were eventually admitted to colleges in Guwahati due to the cowardly situation. But many more were able to get into UB-affiliated colleges, even though they had to resort to online classes. This time the scenario may be different, not directly because of Kovid but because of getting higher marks. Ranjan said, “How will performance-affiliated colleges accommodate high-performing students?

Jonali Das, mother of Kahilipara and principal of Modern English School, said, “Time is testing our patience. The students are having a very challenging time. ”

“Anxiety is everywhere, the results, admission, what to study and where, the danger of infection and most importantly, not recognizing people’s attitudes because it is a‘ formula result ’this year,” he added.


Due to the covid-induced situation, some students in the city have reportedly refused full scholarships from even a few universities in other cities. Nonetheless, there is another segment of students and teachers who feel safe because of online learning, preferred across the country.

“Many of our students have been admitted to colleges and universities outside the Northeast during the Kovid. In the online education system, where a student is admitted is not considered. In the end, they have to join classes from home,” said Sarmistha Chakraborty Teacher.

Tanisha Dey, who passed Class XII with a .2.2% from CRPF, a central school in Amerigog, said that despite all the adversity, she would try to get an honors degree in economics at a UBI-affiliated college. Tanisha said, “Kovid cannot stop us from fulfilling our dreams. Whether it is online or offline education, I will do my best to get admission in a college in Delhi or Kolkata.” But he was also worried about the high-cut offs he would play this time.


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