London: For tired mothers it’s like a dream come true – a revolutionary new bed mattress that mimics the feeling of the womb to keep babies happy at night.

The EasyDream mattress, invented by Linda Harding, a British mother-in-law of six, consists of a series of inflatable pads, which reduces child settling time by up to 90% when placed under an existing mattress.

The pads slowly fill with air and then deflate again, mimicking a rocking motion. And, a Kadali toy clinging to the edge of the cot transmits the sound of a mother’s heartbeat with a choice of sounds like sheep, vacuum cleaners, and music.


According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, pad movements encourage children to sleep on their backs, which is recommended as the safest position for children under six months of age.

44-year-old Harding, who struggled to put his youngest child Bradley to sleep as a child, said: “The lack of sleep is coming to an end. This product will be a god’s grace to me so I can give it to other parents I want to see you helping me. ”

Now, researchers at the University of Brighton have also developed a prototype. The product will be launched at the Baby Show in London in October.

Jean Tarrant of the Royal College of Midwives said: “Children react to hearing their mother’s heartbeat or white noise and it usually sends them to sleep. A rocking motion can also help. Whatever they get Reminding me to be in the womb is useful. “


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