A “Chance” Meet And A Missed Appointment: Shivraj Chouhan’s “Masterstroke”



The BJP used the incident of that day to attack the Congress.



Two high profile meetings – an “opportunity” meeting between the current Madhya Pradesh chief minister and his predecessor and a much-anticipated meeting with another former chief minister that did not materialize – dominated the state headlines today. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the farmers affected by the twin irrigation projects, but political pundits felt that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had played a ‘masterstroke’ on his rival.

While the Chief Minister was canceling his appointment with former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, he had a long chat with another former Chief Minister Kamal Nath at the state hangar in Bhopal.

Mr Singh, a former chief minister and current Rajya Sabha member, then sat in a dharna near the chief minister’s residence on Friday to cancel the appointment and sought a new appointment from the chief minister in writing.


Digvijay Singh, who is associated with farmers in Guna, Rajgarh, Bidisha and Bhopal districts, told NDTV that he has been requesting the chief minister’s office for a month and a half to discuss how the farmers’ land would come under the two adjoining submerged areas. Irrigation Project “I was finally given an appointment from the Chief Minister’s Office for the meeting scheduled for 11:15 am on Friday, but a few hours before the scheduled meeting, I was informed that the Chief Minister would not meet me on Friday. Is this a former Chief Minister and current Rajya Sabha member?” Worthy of the current Chief Minister, ”he said.


Farmers surround Digvijay Singh in protest.

Thousands of farmers will be affected as a result of TEM and Suthalia irrigation projects. Hundreds of acres of land in the two projects will be submerged and several villages will be completely or partially submerged. The affected farmers did not get adequate compensation. They are opposing the compensation package given to them against their land.

Showing a map of his land, Lateri’s Shankar Dayaram said, “Look at my land at number 7, everything around me is submerged but not mine? Others have been compensated; I have received nothing.”


Balaram of Bairagarh alleged that he was being forced to sell his land for Rs 2 lakh per bigha. Hari Singh said, “No survey, I did not get any benefit – no house under PM residence, no toilet … If the authorities take away my land, where will I go?”

Mohar Singh of Raghunathpura said, “Our whole village will be submerged. We want the government to pay compensation of Rs 60 lakh per hectare.”

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was on his way to Dewas to attend a BJP function when former chief minister and current opposition leader Kamal Nath arrived in Bhopal after a visit to his constituency Chhindwara when they got a chance at the state hangar, not briefly, but reportedly for about 20 minutes.

After the meeting, Kamal Nath suddenly reached the protest site. Speaking to the media, he said, “The Chief Minister told me that he has no problem in meeting Digvijay Singh, but why is he still protesting? But today when I met Digvijay Singh, he told me that he wanted. From the Chief Minister. The time was set for a month and a half, and the meeting was scheduled for today. ” However, Kamal Nath was apparently upset when the media repeated questions about the “opportunity meeting”.


Kamal Nath with Digvijay Singh in the protest.

The BJP then used the events of the day to attack the Congress, calling the party a “divided house”.

Home Minister Dr Narottam Mishra calls for Digvijay Singh’s protest “Adibaji (Extortion). “During the video message of Digvijay, Mr. Mishra pointed to his aggressive tone and questioned whether it was the language of asking for a Rajya Sabha member’s appointment. Mr. Mishra also called it” political hypocrisy “.

Cabinet Minister Biswas Sarang said it was the result of a faction of the Congress. “Digvijay Singh is doing this kind of stunt to keep himself in the news. He has met Chief Minister Kamal Nath. The main thing is that Digvijay Singh speaks in this tone just to be in the news. Even Kamal Nath himself is not giving him time to meet.”



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