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MUMBAI: As the coronavirus epidemic continues to affect education, a report has found that 633 per cent institutions across the world, including India, are on hybrid routes to conduct tests.

Although the epidemic has affected the education sector and over the past 15 months the tests have moved to the digital ecosystem, 63 percent of those surveyed said they would take the test in a hybrid way, a combination of both offer and online, according to Mercer Metal ‘State of Online Exam Report 2021’.



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A total of 5,050 respondents, including deans, heads of departments, professors and other influential decision-makers from more than 150 educational institutions in 18 countries, took part in the survey. This number indicates a broad-based and rapid acceptance of digital assessment tools, which shed light on the acceptance of learning and the use of leverage technology to offer exams.


About 6 out of 10 respondents to online exams (57 percent) cited cheating as their primary concern and proved that delivering exams in an honest and sanitized environment is more in the eyes of the academy than anyone else.

It publishes a ‘direct message to enhance the anti-fraud skills’ of their platform in the virtual model of published service providers.

Universities and colleges have also published a significant wish list of features and services. For example, about seven out of 10 people expect to stop cheating to ensure cheat-free virtual testing from prospective online testing service providers, followed by 62 percent who have multiple types of test MCQs, descriptive and image type, among others).


The numbers indicate that universities and colleges are interested in using online platforms and will provide directional signals to service providers to improve their offers, it added.

Siddharth Gupta, CEO of Mercer Metal, said that in the last 15 months of the epidemic, education and testing practices have changed tectonically.

He further added that leaders in the education and editech sectors must ensure the adoption of mainstream technology and lift the ecosystem of education from current and unforeseen obstacles.


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