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Excluding one year for JEE exam preparation is an option that goes for many students. This may be due to not getting the desired engineering field, dissatisfaction with the preparation or wrong technique of catching the cracks in the test. Whatever the reason for dropping out, the goal is still the same: to get admitted to the best engineering college.

In covid growth; Since 2021, NTA has started operating JEE Main four times a year. For JEE Main 2022, test notifications and dates have not yet been announced.


With year-round preparation techniques, if you can’t get the rank or reach the institute you want, we’re here to help you! Don’t give up hope; There are many ways to recover from failure. First of all, we will discuss everything you need to know about JEE Main preparation as a repeater, starting from study habits to a perfect JEE study plan for overcoming demotivation.

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6 Preparation Tips for JEE Major Repeaters Success

1. Don’t succumb to social concerns


The first and foremost thing is to decide to drop your one year preparation for the next JEE. Feed your mind with positive thoughts, and don’t be influenced by the negative reviews spread by society about wasting one year if not elected in the second year.

Keep yourself motivated every moment about your excellent results.

2. Analyze your past efforts and results.


This is the most important step. You already have the experience of Jei Maines. Now, analyze your results and identify what you did or did not do to get the desired results. It could be lack of clarity of concept, lack of necessary things, lack of time management, trying too many negative questions, making stupid mistakes or focusing on only one or two things. The reasons may be different for each student.

3. Divide your last months into 2 steps

Based on the analysis, plan your remaining months. A repeater student has more time than regular 12th grade students, so time management is important in a drop year. They are at the top because they have already studied and revised the syllabus once. Considering this and your own strengths and weaknesses, allocate the rest of your drop year time in 2 steps:


  • Stage 1- Correction Period: This time should be set aside for correcting the concept. This should ideally include resolving any doubts or misconceptions you may have. The revision period should last 20-25 days before the test. Here MTG 30-day crash course This is one of the best books because it gives you a complete plan to cover and revise the syllabus for 30 subjects in 30 days.

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  • Stage 2- Self-analysis period: In this episode, you have to solve as many test series and mock tests as possible. Make sure you take these tests regularly and that they are similar to the actual JEE main test in terms of test pattern and difficulty.

4. Practice productive study habits

One hour of fruitful study is worth more than five hours of scattered study. Follow the tips below and see how they can make a difference in your JEE major preparation.

  • Always identify the complex issues that have taken you a long time to understand, and this will help you to get to those issues faster when you reconsider.
  • Do three things every day. Keep a balanced mix of challenging and easy things.
  • Take complex topics and topics at your best productive time.
  • At bedtime, try some online tests – be it chapter or thematic.
  • There should be a short break between long-term studies.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and always follow a healthy diet
  • If you have a group study habit, be surrounded by like-minded friends

5. Solve last year’s papers and take mock test

You have already taken JEE Main one or more times to get acquainted with the test format. For further analysis of your current condition, you can take those tests again. MTG’s NTA JEE Main 2022 is one of the best JEE exam books

MTG’s NTA JEE Main 2022


1. This book contains all the papers managed by NTA for the last 3 years

2. The total number of question papers is 58

3. This book comes with free digital access to all 58 papers


4. Students can try and get instant performance analysis.

5. Detailed answers are available for a clear understanding.

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To fine-tune your efforts, you must do mock tests based on the latest JEE patterns. MTG has introduced the latest pattern 10 very similar mock tests And JEE Main Explorer Including model test paper in latest syllabus and pattern. Just do it.

6. Read from the right resources


The advice for repeaters here is not to make any changes to your theory book. Since these books have already left an impression of ideas and images in your brain, studying from a whole new book will disturb that image and can disrupt your memorized ideas.

You must use new books to practice MCQ, and you must practice enough MCQ for each concept, without touching any concept. Chapter-based books are very useful for this.


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It is not uncommon to take a year off to concentrate on JEE preparation. Your conviction and the right approach to decision making, as discussed here, will pay off.


Good luck!

Disclaimer: Content produced by MTG Learning Media Pvt Ltd (MTG Books)


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