56 House Republicans urge Biden to remove Harris from leading role on migration crisis

More than 50 House Republicans are urging President Biden to remove his vice president, Kamala Harris, from his role in tackling the immigration crisis that has plagued the southern border in recent months – blaming the crisis for “inaction” on his visit. Boundaries

“Despite the fact that the country has been in a border crisis for two decades, Vice President Harris still has not shown enough interest to observe the crisis in the first place,” Wis., Wrote. With the vice president tasked with resolving the crisis, he has not yet visited the border and has not been able to meet with border guards, immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) officials and local law enforcement officials. “

Democratic Rep. The channel asks Kamala Harris to go to the border amid the immigration crisis


Harris was appointed to lead diplomatic talks more than 60 days ago to address what the White House has described as the “root cause” of the immigration crisis, such as poverty, climate change and violence in Central America.

Harris recently visited both Guatemala and Mexico as part of his responsibilities, met with leaders, and announced several investments in both countries to address these key factors – while urging immigrants not to come to the border. Harris described his trip as a success, although questions arose about his failure to visit the border.

The White House and administration have made it clear that Harris is not in charge of the border and has instead focused on diplomatic talks, but Republicans say it is still important for him to visit the border to understand the crisis. More than 180,000 immigrant encounters in May.

Republicans have blamed the crisis on the administration’s policies – particularly the rollback of Trump-era policies such as the construction of the border wall and the Immigrant Protection Protocols (MPP).


Texas Govt. Abbott Harris Says He Was Not Arrested VIP Border Caesar Appointed About Migrant Crisis Sinus

Lawyers who wrote to Beadon this week said that while the main reasons are to blame, “exclusive focus on Central American countries ignores the fact that we see many immigrants from all over the world trying to cross our southern borders illegally, including Russia, Brazil, Cuba and Haiti from around the world. “

“We’ve been aware of any dramatic changes in Central American countries over the past few months that could face such a broader impact on the southern border than last year,” they say.

Darroll Issa invites VP Harris to visit California-Mexico border


They also pushed them to ignore the administration’s own policies, saying they had persuaded passengers to travel north.

“This country cannot afford one more minute of inaction from Vice President Harris,” the lawyers told Biden, adding that they had requested that Harris be placed as a point-person for the crisis. “Even when you have publicly defended the vice president, you must be discouraged by his inaction.”

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Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that while its strategy was working, the Biden administration had defended itself in dealing with the crisis this week.


“We have a strategy,” Mayorkas said. “We are implementing that strategy. I am confident in the strategy and I am confident in the proposal that we have submitted to this Congress to make the best use of that strategy.”

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