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Americans celebrate June

Junior will be celebrated as a federal holiday for the first time on Saturday since President Joe Biden signed into law on Thursday. The announcement of the release in 1865, 2/2 years after the order went into effect, reached Texas in June, commemorating the day. The first known Juniat celebrations began in 1866. To write an opinion in favor of USA Today, Rep. Corey Bush says:

This June, I invite you to reflect on the promise of freedom. Freedom does not just mean freedom from slavery. Freedom is a benevolent goal, one that promises liberation, protection and peace of mind. It promises a full and prosperous life. .

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Ultrasonic Alem has won the presidency of Iran

Ibrahim Raisi, who was approved by the United States for his role in the mass executions of Iranian political prisoners in the 1980s, won the Iranian presidential election on Saturday after his main rivals conceded defeat. He will be the first Iranian president to be approved by the US government before taking office. Many in southern California called the election a “shame”, including Iranians who protested for hours outside the polls on Friday. A large sign read: “The next president of the Iranian regime is a genocide.” The outcome of the election could affect a number of issues, including the nuclear deal, Iran’s economy and changes in captivity.

Summer officially begins with extreme weather in the US part

At 11:32 a.m. Sunday, ET marked the existence of summer for the Northern Hemisphere, with most of the United States expecting to experience potentially dangerous weather. Cities across the west are seeing record-breaking, scorching temperatures. Exactly how hot? Death Valley, California has reached 128 degrees this week. Forecasters expect the heat to continue in the region through the weekly holidays. Meanwhile, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida Panhandle are tied up for heavy rainfall and flooding. Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards, who was wet last month, has already declared a state of emergency.

Olympic swimming trials continue after Loch failed to qualify


The second weekend of the Olympic swimming trials runs through Saturday. Ryan Loch will not go to Tokyo after failing to qualify for the 200m individual medal, he currently holds the world record. Meanwhile, Katie Ledecky is expected to qualify for the 800m freestyle final on Saturday. Ledekki will make history this summer when she competes in the women’s 1,1600-meter freestyle, the first time the Olympics will allow women to swim miles. The final swimming test events will be broadcast on NBC Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Happy Father’s Day to all who are celebrating

Father’s Day is this Sunday – and if you still haven’t achieved anything in your life to celebrate Dad, there’s still time to get gifts that don’t need shipping. It’s also a good time to think about what our father’s statistics mean in our lives. Kevin Hart, who played the widowed father of a daughter in the new Netflix movie “Fatherhood”, told us how he relates to his character being the father of four children. Reading more Father’s Day for you this weekend:

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