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CBSE has published the new CBSE Syllabus 2021-2022 (Terms 1 and 2) on the official website. The Board has divided the CBSE Academic Session 2021-2022 into two Terms, Term 1 and Term 2 Term-I will consist of MCQ questions only, where Term-2 papers may contain MCQ or Subjective type questions. Either way, since there are so many places to cover, students shouldn’t waste time trying to start their preparation with rigor.


1. Create your test strategy

You first need to create a test strategy, create a complete syllabus map, find out the weight of the subjects.

After completing the above analysis, you should create a testing strategy that includes ample time for self-assessment and reconsideration. For CBSE MCQ based Class 10 and 12 Term 1 Board Examination 2021-22, A detailed exam strategy will serve as a navigation tool, which will guide you on your exam preparation journey.


Chapter-Based and Subject-Based New Syllabus Oswal CBSE MCQ Question Bank for Class 10 and 12 Term-1 Board Examination, 2021-22Strictly according to the latest new syllabus for 1st and 2nd board exams to be held in 2021-22 academic year. It is based on the “Special Assessment Scheme” issued by the Board on July 5, 2021 and the new syllabus 1 and 2 Board Examinations 2021-22 announced on July 22, 2021. This makes it one of the most current and comprehensive resources of the subject.


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2. Practice the latest typology of MCQ


In MCQ-based testing, you need both speed and accuracy. To crack the MCQ-based exam you need to be familiar with the format of the question and identify confusing (reasonable but incorrect answers), work with elimination strategies and much more. Practicing daily with an MCQ-based question bank will ensure that you have ample opportunity to test your knowledge and application.

These The new syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Bank Class 10 and 12 Term-1 Board Examination 2021-22 The true sea of ​​MCQs, from MCQ to MCQ alone, on a case-by-case MCQ basis.

CBSE Class 10 MCQ Question Bank Term 1 | Board Examination 2021-22

3. Make diligent notes


You cannot take the risk of not including the syllabus or not correcting the theoretical issues adequately. It is very important to focus on retaining MCQ-based exams

These The new syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Bank Class 10 and 12 Term-1 Board Examination has a lot of pedagogical tools to increase the capacity for 2021-22, starting from revision notes just for in-depth research Mind mapping and memory science For fast learning.

mediawire_image_0CBSE Class 12 MCQ Question Bank Term 1 | Board Examination 2021-22

Here is the proposed link for the new Syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Bank Class 10 Term-1 Board Examination 2021-22: https://bit.ly/3iI5krk

New Syllabus for CBSE MCQ Question Bank Class 10 Term-1 Board Examination 2021-22: https://bit.ly/2UfoSKe

4. Practice extensively


Give yourself some time each day to practice without reconsidering your theoretical issues. If you are able to solve practical questions quickly and accurately, you will improve your chances of getting a high score overall.

In order to practice in theory subjects, you need to evaluate your knowledge through constant testing. Practicing with a database of questions improves your speed, accuracy and gives you exposure to each question typology that may be asked in CBSE Term 1 Board Exam 2021-22.

Oswaal New Syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Bank for Class 10 and 12 Term-1 Board Examination 2021-22 Includes unit-based periodic exams, which give students plenty of practice for potential questions. It also includes CBSE Official Question Bank questions published in April 2021.


5. Learn and analyze

MCQs also allow performance analysis. Diligent students need to pay attention to any subject that can detect signs of wrong answers. They can also investigate whether they are able to answer questions correctly despite being prepared.

This new syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Bank has a detailed review of your responses for Class 10 and 12 Term-I Board Exam 2021-22, giving you the ability to identify your weaknesses. It has CBSE Term 1 question bank with answers with explanations, complementing your knowledge.



In addition to the right test strategy, having access to the right organization can greatly improve your chances of getting high scores on the test.

Disclaimer: Content produced by Oswal Books


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