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By Anish Srikrishna, CEO, Times Professional Learning

There has been a tectonic, technology-driven transition across the consumer-driven sector that has evolved rapidly to meet the social gaps during the epidemic. Media usage behavior has changed dramatically, and marketing professionals have had to adapt quickly to the growing digital customer base. In this context, executive upskilling courses in sales and marketing with a focus on digital have gained unprecedented prominence.


COVID-19 has probably permanently changed consumer purchasing behavior. For those who have been hesitant before, the convenience of e-commerce has been brought home with great effect. As customers felt their online presence in the early days of the epidemic, businesses had to struggle to maintain their revenue and market share in the suddenly changing environment: everything from manufacturing to packaging to supply chain to marketing and sales had to go through rapid transformation. To stay in the game. Perhaps, one of the biggest changes in the marketing and sales function was the realization that the initial assumptions of point-of-sale and consumer decision-making had changed fundamentally.

With marketing professionals questioning traditional media plans even in pre-epidemic days, it is now clear that the transition to digital is irreversible. Future marketers will need both skill and agility to make decisions in real time.


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1. Upskilling to be ready for the market


The epidemic has forced marketing professionals to adapt to the evolving dynamics of the industry. There is a growing need for learning skills and competency development to address changing needs and to innovate marketing strategies to stay consistent. The online marketplace has created a new strategic battlefield for marketers and has profoundly affected the marketing skills needed. With the widespread use of artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning, consumer marketers have shifted gears to intelligent, real-time interactions with consumers, rather than simply creating awareness through traditional or digital media outreach. Marketers need to acquire these AdTech or MarTech skills to stay relevant in their day-to-day work: Prominent IIMs offer many such courses in an easily accessible and affordable executive education format.


2. Digital communication, social media helps to reach consumers

As the epidemic intensifies the use of technology, marketing professionals should start making the best use of these platforms to engage and promote consumers and increase their brand presence in social media domains. Businesses had to onboard e-commerce in their activities to ensure continuity in order to stay relevant during the lockdown. As the use of smart and digital devices increases among consumers, marketers should focus on the use of content marketing. Also, they should reach out to socially active influencers who show a high tendency in social media forums to support brands for a wider promotion.


3. Scale up digital marketing practice

Statista indicates that Internet penetration reached about 45 percent in 2021, up from about four percent in 2007. In addition to the traditional form of marketing, the rise of Internet penetration has enhanced the digital marketing opportunity to reach marketers. Out of their consumer base. Lockdown has brought a number of changes in the habits of consumers who have purchased products through online portals. As a result, marketing professionals should increasingly embrace digital marketing practices in order to broaden their consumer base and keep in mind the changing trends in driving sales. Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and marketing professionals need to be proactive with their external strategies, providing customers with innovative and attractive offers to outperform the competition.

4. Developed consumer demand tracking

There should be no doubt that customers can change and change brand loyalty due to the abundance of brand options, inadequate service, or the perceived high cost per click of a button. In the case of poor acceptance, marketers need to process customer feedback. They should be emptied of such dangers in advance and given the power to take immediate corrective action to prevent their campaigns from moving south. Also, a number of online marketing tools help track consumer preferences and conduct market research that will help the strategy department make decisions.


5. Get distracted, start the trend

One should constantly avoid playing the second whistle in the competition of marketing professionals and be proactive with ideas and strategies by initiating trends that will persuade peers to play catch-up. This will enable marketing executives to gain their trust in their organization and elevate themselves up the ladder.

To achieve consistent recognition and career growth, it is essential to become proficient through platforms such as TimesTSW, which offer a variety of executive programs in digital marketing and sales and marketing, in collaboration with leading organizations in India and abroad, to support ambitious marketing. Professionals develop these pillars of successful marketing through a fair balance of theoretical and industry-led learning.


These programs help students absorb the latest marketing and sales trends integrated with technology-enabled solutions to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in a growing globalized business environment.

Disclaimer: Content produced by Times Professional Learning (TPL)

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