3 Navy Sailors Killed In Explosion Onboard Destroyer At Mumbai Dockyard



No major damage was reported, the defense ministry said in a statement. (Representative)


New Delhi:

Three sailors have been killed in an explosion on the Indian Navy destroyer INS Ranbir. “In a tragic incident today at Naval Dockyard Mumbai, an explosion in the inner carriage of INS Ranbir killed three sailors and injured them,” the defense ministry said in a statement. No major damage was reported.

Sources said the blast had nothing to do with weapons or ammunition. Because an inquiry board has been instructed to investigate.

“The ship’s crew responded immediately and quickly brought the situation under control,” the statement said.


INS Ranbir had a cross-coast operational deployment from Eastern Naval Command from November 2021 and was due to return to base port soon.

INS Ranveer, the first of the Ranveer class destroyers, was commissioned in the Indian Navy on April 21, 1986. The ships were built in the former Soviet Union. The role of Ranveer class ships involves protection such as anti-aircraft and anti-submarine warfare to protect the carrier task force against submarines, low-flying aircraft and cruise missiles.

The current Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral R. Harikumar, led the ship early in his career.


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