26,000 New Covid Cases In Bengaluru, Higher Than Mumbai’s Third Wave Peak



In Karnataka, the positive rate has increased to 22.77 percent


New Delhi:

Karnataka has reported 50,210 cases of covid in the last 24 hours, two days after the state lifted the curfew over the weekend which was imposed for the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, there are more than 3.57 lakh active cases in the state.

Karnataka has more cases today than Maharashtra, which has suffered the most in the last one month. A total of 48,270 new COVID-19 cases and 52 deaths were reported in Maharashtra on Friday.

Of the 50,210 new cases, 26,299 have been reported in the state capital Bangalore, Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said. At the same time, Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, reported 2,550 new COVID-19 cases.


The positivity rate in the state has increased from 19.33 per cent to 22.77 per cent in 100 cases.

On Saturday, 42,470 new infections were reported in the state, about 5,500 fewer than the number on Friday.

In Karnataka, 22,842 recoveries and 19 Kovid deaths have been reported from the virus in the last 24 hours.

The state government announced on Friday that the curfew would be lifted over the weekend, saying that despite the increase in cases, hospitalizations were not significant.


The wave of new infections across the country is driven by the new form of Kovid, Omicron.

Mr Sudhakar said 165 new Omicron cases had been confirmed in Bangalore today, bringing the total number in the state to 931.


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