The Center has asked states to activate “War Room” and bring back obstacles to control Omicron spread.


New Delhi:
The number of cases of fast-expanding strain omikron has risen to 213 in India, with Delhi and Maharashtra reporting the highest number of infections. The Center has asked the states to activate the “War Room” and bring back the barriers to prevent its spread.

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  1. In addition to Delhi (57 cases) and Maharashtra (54 cases), the rapidly spreading Omicron strain has increased in Telangana (24), Karnataka (19) and Kerala (15). Rajasthan (18) and Gujarat (14) are the other two states that have seen an increase in infections related to the new covid strain.

  2. Three cases were reported in Jammu and Kashmir and two each in Orissa and Uttar Pradesh. One case each has been registered in Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Ladakh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

  3. Among the signs of an increase in Omicron infection, the center, in an advisory, called on states to activate “battle rooms” and bring it under control, including night curfews. It lists a series of prevention and control measures that include comprehensive testing and assembly control.

  4. The letter from the Ministry of Health called for “greater foresight, data analysis, dynamic decision-making and strict and immediate regulatory measures” as it directed states / UTs to “take immediate and focus measures and take control measures and restrictions even before this threshold.” Has arrived “.

  5. In addition to Omicron, Delta variants “still exist” in various parts of the country, the letter said.

  6. After 6,317 new infections were reported in the country, the number of coronaviruses in India reached 3,47,58,481 today, 18 per cent more than yesterday’s 5,326 cases.

  7. With 318 deaths in the last 24 hours, the total death toll from the epidemic has risen to 4.78 million.

  8. Kovid’s Omicron strain, known to be highly contagious, sounded alarm bells and stoked horrific memories of the devastating second wave of the epidemic that brought the country’s health infrastructure to its knees.

  9. In the United States, according to the latest federal estimates, the new variant is responsible for 73 percent of all Sequined Cowid cases, up from about 3 percent last week.

  10. The World Health Organization says the Omicron variant is spreading faster than the Delta variant and is causing infections among those who have already been vaccinated or recovered from Covid.


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